Admission Policy

Admission is based on academic excellence, spirituality, commitment and of course, space on the course. The Darul Iftaa intake is a maximum of 10 students per year, therefore students are encouraged to apply at the earliest opportunity to reserve a place on subject to passing the admission requirements.

Applicants must complete all admission requirements and submit all the relevant information before enrollment is considered. Admission will only be granted after successfully completing the following:

a. Submission of all documents.

b. Passing a written examination. (A section of Hidayah and a section of Nur al-Anwar)

c. Interview in person.

You will be notified of the status of your application within two weeks of applying.

Applicants are required to fulfill the following admission requirements:

  1. Complete Application Form here.
  2. Recommendation letters from the Principal of the Madrasah and the teacher of Hidayah.
  3. Submission of your last two academic reports.
  4. A cover letter explaining why you want to study Iftaa and why at Darul Iftaa Muadh Ibn Jabal. One page is sufficient.
  5. Sign Student Agreement (terms and conditions) here.
  6. Valid ID (passport or driving licence).
  7. DBS certificate.

You are most welcome to contact the Office of Admissions should you require further information or assistance.

Office of Admissions:


Office of Admissions